the map is not the territory, part 4 and 5…heart on my sleeve.



In 2004 I wasn’t thinking about human engagement or the power of love as a way to heal, to seal, to bridge. I was looking for a way out of teaching, I was listening to a lot of Wilco. I was getting engaged in the strangest of circumstances but for the most normal of reasons.

2014? It’s all I could think about. Who are we if we are not connected? And clearly, from the following list, I sensed some themes…the search for meaning, the search for family, the search for self and identity. I love that we are drawn to certain things right when we need them.

A little later than planned,  some aren’t even from this year (but new to me), and of course there are so many more, but here are 10 Heart on My Sleeve highlights from 2014:

1. Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Anderson

2. Wild. Cheryl Strayed.

3. Begin Again. John Carney

4. The Boxtrolls. 

5. Daring Greatly. Brene´ Brown (a little video clip connected with Brown’s work.)

6. A Band Called Death. 

7. The Girl Who Fell from the Sky. Heidi Durrow 

8. Big Hero 6.

9. The Graveyard Book. Neil Gaiman

10. Syllabus. Lynda Barry 




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