Heart/Matter…because your LIFE is your WORK.
My name is Antonia. I am 40 years old, a mom of 3, an educator, and human. I live in Sacramento, CA with my husband and 2 youngest sons. This space is for encouraging you – and me – to re-engage (or engage) in the life we are meant to live. The real you, the real me, or at least the you and me that is the realest in the moment. I called this space “heart/matter” because sometimes manifesting what is in our hearts, what really matters, is not so easy or obvious, and sometimes we want or need inspiration, permission and/or validation. I seek inspiration daily in other people’s stories, the beauty I see in the world every day, and also the pain. It keeps me engaged and on track, seeking out the next experience from a space of joyful anticipation. This is what I shall share with you on a regular basis, and I encourage you to share back. We are all in this together.
heart.  noun. Old English heorte, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hart and German Herz, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin corcord- and Greek kērkardia. breast, soul, spirit, will, desire; courage; mind, intellect.
matter. noun. Middle English.  Anglo-Norman mater(i)e, Old & mod. …from Latin materia. timber, stuff of which a thing is made, subject of discourse.
I have always loved the word matter. What’s the matter? Does it matter? It’s made of matter.  In the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (Fifth Edition) I have laying around my house, there are eighteen (eighteen!!) definitions of the word, ranging from a literal thing (atoms are the building blocks of matter) to the philosophical thing (“in Kantian philosophy: the element of knowledge supplied by feeling, as distinct from that (form) supplied by the mind”) to the metaphorical thing (“ground reason or cause for doing or being something…” or “a subject under consideration”).  Whatever it means, I always associate this word with substance and meaning. Significance. Depth. Weight.
As for the term heart, my dictionary was no less exhaustive with twenty (20!!!) definitions, also providing the range of literal (the organ) to philosophical (to have heart) to metaphorical (the heart of the matter; your heart’s desire) meanings. Two of my favorites are “the seat of feeling and thought” and “purpose, inclination, desire…” You have heart. Your heart’s desire. From the heart. Take to heart. Heart of the matter. Heart on your sleeve. I associate this word with passion, the soul, and courage, and connection.
Soul, courage, weight, depth. Yes.